Sunday, September 26, 2021

Tesla Robot is a bunch of BALONEY !!


       Now who am I to have such a title on my blog? How dare this guy say such things about a man who has a kazillion dollars??? Who does he think he is anyway ????? Hey Musk went to the moon, er no he went into space. Let me state that he should have looked closer to see a lot of empty space.  I say this without the slightest shadow of a doubt, that the so called Tesla Bot is a bunch of baloney. What has Mr. Musk actually built with his own hands??? My robot friends have a song to show what I think about it!!

     Why is it that the people who live on this planet idolize very rich people. Are these humans in any way better than the rest of us ???? I simply do not understand these actions. The ultra, uber rich are in their own special little category. So Mr. M. had a stupid, asinine little video where he debuts his absurd idea of building a humanoid robot. Strange that this non-expert  who rails loudly against the dangers of artificial intelligence wants to build a robot.

       What is going to control the machine?? Does he think it will be controlled by a hand held remote control just like a toy car ?? No he wants to transfer the control units from his so called autonomous vehicles in the stupidoid.

     Before I go on I want to say something about why I take such  great and personal offence to this action by him. For decades I have lived and  breath and think about robots. I have learned the necessary techiniques, acquired tools and equipment and have compiled a mountain of parts.  I have built from scratch actual robots. I test and form my own circuits and program my own eproms. I work alone and fund my research from my own meagre resources. Yet I have done wonderous things for it is a marvelous discipline to immerse oneself!!


      I know that there are thousands upon thousands around this planet that do the same thing! With their own money and materials no matter how humble, they heroically work to expand their knowledge. These robot innovators , where ever and who ever they are should be highlighted and spoken of more often. However sadly, the world ignores them , the idiots of this world ,and believe when I observe  a great multitude of them, drool over a rich a--Hole!!??

     One person I would like to mention is a very personal hero of mine. Along with my robot mentor David Heiserman , he stands high in my esteem!! He is Wu Yu Lu, a simple Chinese farmer, who has built many robot or sons , as he likes to call them. Paul Merton of the BBC went to see him and filmed him at his farm. Self-taught, with his marvelous creations built from the discards of his neighbors, he is what all robot builders shouls aspire to be!

     In the story of the Lord of the Rings, the evil Lord Sauron poured all his malice , anger and evil into the One Ring. It is exactly what roboticists do each time they create something from simple parts and great ideas. Thet pour their energy, hope ansd yes some love , into their machines. For I do beleive what kind of person you are is somehow transfered, even in the smallest fashion, into the creatures we mold with our own hands!!

     Yet what has this gazillionaire built with his own hands??? I question his motives, his goals and his honesty. What does he want his legacy to be?? Does he just want to be seen and heard by the world ??? Is he not just a rich confidence man?? Yes the world's biggest charlatan!!!

    What good has he done with all his obscene wealth ?? I recall a story in the Bible. It was the story of the widow's mite. Jesus said that unlike the rich man  ( gee they had them back then too!! ) who made a big show about giving a tiny, tiny, tiny  portion of his wealth, the widow gave all that she had. As such it was seen bigger in the eyes of God!!
     So Mr. M. stick to making money that you selfishly keep. Your wealth is made on the backs of grossly  the underpaid and poorly treated souls you hire! Take your spaceship and fly away. The world would be a better place then. I do not want the future of this wonderful technology soiled by the likes of you !!!!!!


Saturday, June 12, 2021

Where Are All THE PICTURES from the Chinese Mars Rover !!

Talk about big super sadness. I waited with breathless anticipation when China landed their rover on Mars. First we had to wait to see if it landed before the Chinese Space Agency would tell the world it landed. Then we waited forever to get a picture from the surface. For a while I did not think it had landed.

Then I thought we would get picture after picture and may be some videos. Well it has been three weeks and there very few pictures. What is going on?? Space events are public and the secrecy has to stop.  To wait for everything to work before you announce is not right. They should call themselves The Chinese Secret Space Agency. 

Now those who read this blog will think that I do not know that all this research is not just for knowledge but to show up the Americans and their space program. Well those who run China should gain the wisdom to realize this secret and then public if it works is not working.

Not only are they turning off a lot of space enthusiasts from around the world but they are making themselves look very foolish. I have stated that all the nations of the world should work together in Space Exploration. It is too costly for one nation to do a good job. Now we are copying the next guy instead of setting other goals. This has had the affect of making progress ultra slow. My goodness they could not get together for ONE space station.

I am too old , and I am sick and tired of all this B(ird) S(eed). If we are not working together it does Humanity a disservice. In this past year of pandemic nonsense we need all the bright news we can get. We live in a new century and we are all interconnected. People of all ages and interests want to know. It makes no difference where on this good earth we are, give us what we desire, now !!

Here are all the pictures I could get. Be ready to be underwhelmed!!!!!!

This looks like a picture of the lander as seen from the rear of the rover. The wheel of the rover can be seen in the lower left corner. The two wheel tracks are clearly seen in glorious black and white!!

This a nice colour picture of the lander seen from a little bit off. You also get a nice picture of of the Martian horizon.

Looks like finally we are getting somewhere. A selfie taken by a wireless camera!!

Now  why are the Chinese so slow to tell the world what they are doing. Space belongs to all of humanity , not the rich countries, not select greedy billionaires, and not the chosen few who select themselves. Please show us more!!

I know that is not a lot to ask in this day and age!!!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2021



Here it is one of the first pictures taken by Perseverance after it landed safely on Mars!!! talk about excitement and anticipation. As they stated at JPL it is alive and well on the red planet. Yes another robot on our celestial neighbor.

I have had the great privilege of being alive for most of the space program. I was alive and saw the first man land on the moon. I was watching television when the first American rover, Sojourner landed on Mars. However as I was watching this landing live I still got excited, anxious and a lot nervous.

I listened as they ran off the speed and altitude of the rover over Mars. I thought it was fascinating when they stated that because all that was going on the rover would not send a binary stream of data but a heart beat tone to indicate it was doing well. When they said it had landed I was overjoyed and relieved. In such technical feat many things can go wrong. In order for it to be successful many more things have to go right.

It was so tense as it slowed its speed and the surface was looming ever closer. The descent was a few minutes but it seemed a lot longer. Here is a picture of the process and below is a small video of these minutes of terror!!

So here we are in an age that has accomplished its first steps in the cosmos. Our robots are our first emissaries in this vastness. It is to wonder what we will find. We can go into that future because of the hardiness and stamina of our robot friends. Here is a review of those who have preceded Perseverance.


Here is Sojourner!!

Here is Spirit who looked like his brother Opportunity!!

Here is Curiosity working to get us more data!!

Rest my good and loyal robots and best of luck to Perseverance!!!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2020

The Duke of Caladan has arrived !!!


The Duke has arrived, the father of Muad'Dib!! Bless the coming and the going of the Maker!! This is actually a little dune talk and anyone who has read the books will understand. This the latest of those precious dune books. Now before I make my point, and yes I have a point a little rant!

There are those who read Frank Herbert's books and say they are great. I am one of them and though some are a hard slog they are enjoyable. However he got a lot confusing in his story telling and by God Emperor it was total. I know because I read it twice. By the end of the second reading it was better. Thankfully the last two books got back on track. However I wondered what had happened in the intervening years to cause the universe of Dune to come to this place and time. Sadly Frank died and left us hanging.

For me the series of books by his son Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson made it much clearer. I finally got to know what happened in The Butlerian Jihad and the in between times. I like them as well though there are those that do not and that is there right, may their blades chip and shatter!!

To anyone who has not read Dune, please do !! I am a Dune nut and have read ALL the books. I cannot get enough of Dune so I was shattered when I heard that the new movie would be delayed. I ask what are those of us with taste in science fiction going to do till then ,watch raised by wolves or discovery?? I said tasteful, not disgustingly stupid and an utter waste of time and space!!

Now this is the first book of a trilogy. I do not know yet when they they will be published. From experience with the last great trilogy they are usually space out by about one year. So now I have a big, big, big problem. If I start reading it I will get drawn into the story and before I realize I would have read the about three hundred pages. I know I will love it because the stories about these people who populate the Dune universe are wonderful.

Then what do I do ??? I will have to wait, and wait. Then today's world will come crashing in and this will sadden me greatly. Not that the world of Dune ever portrays a walk in the park kind of life. right from the very first page of the very first book the worlds and the future that Frank Herbert creates is deliciously intricate with plots and plans and powers and principalities. We learn as the story progresses what man's future has become. When you read the book it has a section that explains many things and words used in the narrative. After a while you get very comfortable with it all.

Before long you will be introduced to one of the most important elements that exist in Dune. The giant worms of Arrakis are big. In one estimation they have the diameter of a house and the length of a city block. They patrol and protect another important item , the spice, melange. This spice is the most important commodity in the known universe. It possesses special properties and the entire structure of the Dune universe is supported on this one , singular pillar. It is only found on one planet, Arrakis or as it is often called Dune. A planet without any water, just dessert. To control this most precious commodity the humans in the future, much like the ones today, scheme, plot, kill and maneuver powerful political, religious and military forces.

As such the stories go into detail how these forces clash. In all human endeavors there are the protagonists and this where DUNE excels. The people who are behind all the action are very real. They have a past, are very passionate about what interests them. The good are , with some very human traits, basically decent people with good intentions. The evil are also very realistic in their greed and cruelty. Of course we could not have a good story without some very stupid and helpless individual who are used by the one who have plans within plans. You cannot help but get drawn into what they are up to in each of the books.

So here is my dilemma , if I start reading the book I will get so interested as to what happens that within a short time I will have read it all. Then I will have to wait. However there is a sliver lining. Usually I read the book again to remind me of the story and then read the second one right after so the story is fresh in my mind!!


Friday, December 18, 2020


 Way to go Chang'e 5!!! You did it WOW!!!  FANTASTIC !!!! MARVELOUS !!!!! I am so excited , so enthralled , so joyous!! The Chinese  National Space Agency  has accomplished something truly amazing. I waited and waited for the so called media to shout it from the rooftops to let the world know !! THERE WAS NOTHING mentioned!?? Thank goodness for the internet. I can announce to the world that Chang'e 5 left earth, landed on the moon, got some moon rocks, lifted off from the moon, transferred the rocks and came home. This was done in three weeks. WOW! WOW! WOW! I cannot get a parcel delivered on this small patch of Mother Earth in the same time.

The video above shows the thermal images of the capsule with those very precious moon rocks. This is the last step. However it had to drill on the moon for the rocks. I am thrilled looking at this because it is on the moon!!

Now that is has retrieved the moon rocks and stored them on the ascender it launches itself from the surface. It sends a chill down my spine watching it disappear!!

It has to transfer the rocks to the waiting orbiter module so they are secure for the three day journey back to earth.

Now here at this point in the mission I had to wait for days for something new. I waited and waited and I did not get any information, any videos about it leaving the moon's orbit or its passage back to earth. I wondered if it had achieved earth orbit. Then yesterday I saw the video of it landing. Now there are few real cool ones of it streaking across the sky. 

In this messed up world this is news that is happy. Mankind is accomplishing some innovative and gut wrenching great things. Here is a video of the capsule that survived re-entry being looked after carefully by the ground crew in a cold place on the good earth.

   Now the first part of this blog was a pleasure to write. What follows is my personal analysis of why, why, why and yes why the world is not taking note of this historic achievement. I find the American media completely absorbed with just the U.S. I feel they think the world revolves around them. Their space program was once supreme but they have dropped the ball, as they have done in the past. They use private enterprise at their peril to re-supply the international space station. It was because of the Americans refusal that the Chinese were not invited to join. How pathetic is that !!

    I am a proud Canadian and even though we are a small nation we have punched above our weight for decades. I am concerned at the state of affairs in our neighbour to the south. Yet our media is all excited that we will join the U.S. in a possible, maybe flight to the moon. Yes someday they will do this, someday they will do that. All I say is SHOW ME!! Do not talk the talk, instead walk the walk!! Show me concrete action, rockets and of course cold hard cash. 

The Chinese are doing great things and they are accomplishing feats of technical prowess. They have a vision and a great deal of courage. So now the ball has been passed to them, while the Americans and the Russians concentrate on the trivial, stupid and mundane and ignorant things on this planet.

Yes the world is suffering through a horrific pandemic and that is the focus of many. I am aware of this salient fact. However this expedition to the moon should be celebrated by all Mankind as a triumph for our species, a bright moment in an otherwise dark and dismal year!!

Why this story is not the first on newsflashes confounds me.

Well I care about this deeply so world hear me ROAR!!

CHANG'E 5 RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2020

WOW Chang-5 WOW!!!!

 My goodness it was a week ago when I last wrote about this amazing space feat. Now Chang-5 went into orbit, landed, got the samples and just now launched the ascender to rendezvous with the orbiter to the precious moon rocks! They surely are not wasting anytime on this mission. So after making attitude adjustments then it will meet up with the orbiter and transfer the rocks. then the return to earth begins and this will take about 3 days. So it looks like I will be writing this blog again. I do not mind at all for what mankind had to endure these past few months it is an extreme pleasure to have some genuine great news to show off!!!

Here it is landing on the moon. This is tricky because the landing sight is full of rocks.

It seems like it just landed, but it just did, and sure enough it starts drilling near the lander for samples. This is fascinating to watch and it sends shivers up my spine.

Then it sure does let the moon dust settle on it, the ascender full of samples lifts off from the moon. Man it climbs very fast an disappears leaving the lander all alone on the surface.

So for now I feel like a little child, I am excited, happy, anxious and full of hope, and yet a bit scared all at the same time. It has been a great mission and the best is yet to come!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2020

CHANG'E 5 Launched !!


 Chang'e 5 has launched and we on this planet that are excited about this space stuff wish it the best of luck!! Just think in less than a month we will have new samples of rocks from our moon!! Now I like taking my time creating these blogs but this mission is amazing . It's time line is so short . Yes , hopefully before Christmas it will be back on the good earth with some very interesting samples.

So here is a video of the launch. I have been around for many, many decades and I have seen via television many, many launches. I will say now that the last ten seconds of the count , whether it is in English, Russian, Chinese, or French are always so tense. I calm down when I see the light emerging from the rocket and see the ship slowly rise. That means the first crucial step of many has been a success.

Here is a picture of the lander and the ascent vehicle. Fascinating in that all of this will be done by robots. It takes its time and tries to collect as many rocks as it can and then place them into the ascent vehicle. This vehicle will then launch and link up with the orbiting ship. It will then place the samples into the ship. The return will then begin and in a few days it will enter orbit . It will release the samples for the reentry into the earth's atmosphere. It is scheduled to land Mongolia.

Now in a paragraph I have explained what will occur to the best of my knowledge. However I must remind those reading this that each of these steps is very complex and as more tasks are done there is a chance of errors and machine failures, or communication foul ups. Space exploration is vital for the future of all of mankind but it is still a risky business. 

It does my heart good to see China become a spacefaring nation. If we are to survive the troubles we face now and in the future we have to do it as human beings representing humanity. Regardless of the minor differences that separate us now these will be removed. It is ironic that the great expanse , that space is will be the place the greater expanses of politics and belief will be nullified.

Here is a picture of the moon. My how black is the horizon. It looks challenging but somehow inviting. Though it would be frightening at first I could picture my self inside a spacesuit bouncing around on that surface. I would be looking around talking to my fellow explorers via a radio link. It would take some time because in this possible future , women and men from all over our wonderful Mother Earth would be present. Our common language , hopefully English, would be hard for some , at first. It is hard for me at times and I have been corrected on its use after speaking it for over sixty years!! I know this is just an idealistic dream. However I cannot help it, for even now as I stand in my garden an look up at the moon, my mind drifts up to it!!

GO CHANG'E 5 !!!!!!!!!!!